Tuesday, November 3, 2015

はじめての方へ:教会への入り方 How to get in Church Building 

くじら文庫のお部屋は、教会に向かって右側 OFFICE と書いてあるドアの上のお部屋です。ドアはいつもロックされているので、「おーい」「こんにちはー」などと呼んでいただければ開けに行きます。



Kujira Bunko room is right above the door that says "OFFICE" (if you face the church, it's on your right. not the one near the main entrance to the chapel).

The door is locked at all times. I will have to go down to open the door for you. Soon I will place a cowbell or something at the staircase but for now, please say "Hello!" or "Moshi Moshi" or something so that I notice you!

The white bell on the wall rings only in the office, so I can't hear it. Please do not press it. Thank you!

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