Friday, January 9, 2015

あけましておめでとうございます 2015

A Happy New Year to you all!


New donations this week: books for toddlers, for low-teens and recipe books. Some books were even brought from Japan. Thank you!

くじら文庫の近況1:水曜の他に、火曜の午前中と金曜日の夕方(月1)も図書室を借りられないか、昨年 Tabor Space とお話をして、ただいま返事待ちです。

これまでは平日の午前中なら利用したい人も少ないので、週1だし、無料でいいですよ、ということだったのですが、近頃Tabor Spaceも大人気で、平日の夕方や週末は予約でいっぱいのもよう。


Kujira News 1: We are trying to open on Tue morning and Fri evening (once a month) in addition to Wed morning. This past year was a trial and room rent was free. Thank you Tabor Space! We will have to contribute some $ this year if we want to use the library for more hours. We will see...

近況2:くじら文庫1周年記念の特別企画として、ナチュロパスの Dr. Chikako Harper をお迎えして、ハーブ&アロマワークショップを2月に予定しています。日時と場所が確定次第、ここでも告知する予定ですので、少々お待ちくださいませ。youmaga のadやDr. Chikako Harperのブログ&FBから、くじら文庫のブログを訪れてくださった方、ありがとうございます!

Kujira News 2: Special Workshop for Kujira Bunko's First Anniversary in February!! Let's make a mama's special Herb & Aroma First-Aid kit for your kids with Chikako Harper N.D. !! Once we know the time & place for sure, we will notify you shortly on this blog and via email.


We are planning some fun stuff this year! Please come visit our blog (you can submit Follow by Email on the right hand side bar) as well as Kujira Library.

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